Icewine Tour Follows Frosty Harvest to Showcase Top Wineries

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Icewine Tour Follows Frosty Harvest to Showcase Top Wineries

Icewine Tour Follows Frosty Harvest to Showcase Top Wineries


Internationally Accredited Icewine

Canada is the world’s largest producer of icewine. Canadian icewine is a well anticipated product of the late fall harvest and the first frost. The sweet tasting dessert wine is locally grown in Ontario’s Niagara region, thanks to a unique micro-climate, which creates a perfect environment. There is no better way to discover wineries specializing in icewine than to take an icewine tour in Niagara.

Required: Chill Factor

Icewine is produced from grapes that are still frozen on the vine. It's sweet taste comes from the hardy sugars that resist freezing. Canadian climates, (Southern Ontario in particular), provide the perfect conditions for sweet icewine but its production is tricky. The timing is everything! Should the frost arrive after the grapes begin to rot, the crop and future batch of wine is lost. At the first moment the crop is frozen enough to pick, the entire harvest needs to be picked in just a few hours. Icewine producers in Niagara watch carefully for the first frost and upon the perfect timing pick the grapes in the middle of the night for processing. A specific process called cryoextraction is used in icewine production. In this process, grapes are frozen with refrigeration while pressed. Ice crystals remain in the grape to preserve the concentrated sweetness of the grape while concentrated juice flows. This happens at about -7 degrees Celsius, or 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the grapes are pressed, the results are delicious!
In fact, the Niagara region is internationally recognized for producing outstanding icewines. Wine aficionados can enjoy an icewine tour in Niagara – learning about producing top notch icewine, while taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of this historic region. The Vintners Quality Association (VQA) regulates the production and quality of icewine in Canada. They also measure the sugar levels in the grapes and determine if they can be used to make icewine specifically. Should the sugar content fall below a measurement of 35 degrees Brix, they lose their icewine designation. Typical grapes for production of icewine are Riesling, Vidal (white) and Cabernet Franc (red) grapes. Niagara wineries are known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to trying new varieties, including Shiraz.

Touring Niagara’s Icewine Wineries

There are many different types of icewine tours available. The best tours focus on icewine in particular, teaching the group about the origin of icewine and how it’s produced, offering up, all the while, some glasses of the best tasting samples in the region! These specialized tours leave Toronto and other stops in the GTA en route to a tour of the best icewine wineries. Transportation should be included in the cost of the tour for guests. Typically, icewine tours run from the late fall in November to early spring in late March. A themed lunch pares these great samples in exclusive and private rooms for all guests. In Niagara, winter icewine tours will also showcase the region’s popular Winter Wine Festival. For those looking for specific tastes and wineries, great icewine tour companies in Niagara will offer private tours in which guests choose their destination. Guests can also create the pace and theme that suits their party’s needs. This makes a great option for bachelorette, anniversary or birthday celebrations! There’s no better way to get out and enjoy the cold winter months than sipping decadent icewine in style! 

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